Artistic  process
Jean Cousineau artist  painter (light painter)
Saint Eustache , Québec , Canada

Mediun : Acrylic, oil and / or mixed media and /
or stained glass medium on glass, plexiglass, wood or canvas
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Passionate about colors, I have been painting for 21 years, always at the present moment.
The courses and workshops that I followed have led me to a pleasure of painting with the shapes
and colors that surrounds us. I started with figurative art, then an abstract essay, then stained glass
painting, and then tree research. My portfolio are the colors of my soul that I see, that I imagine,
the colors of the soul of a tree, of a landscape etc ...

          The trees are what fascinates me the most, with their different shape and color according to the
seasons. I have developed a personal and unique technique to create shapes and colors in my trees.
My trees are my signature. I have been painting a series on trees for eight years.

           I still paint the figurative on large and small acrylic or mixed formats very colorful and full
of light, It represents my vision of pleasant and alive landscapes.

            Each painting has a story for me with its challenge. Painting for me is a way of sharing
my passion and my soul's vision of colors and light.
        I have participated over the years in several solo, group and 120 symposia exhibitions
in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick.

       Winner of the Laurentian Bank's favorite and third jury prize at the symposium
Boisbriart 2010 of Boisbriand. Winner of the jury's favorite at the Gatineau In symposium
Colors in October 2008. I also exhibited in France in the village Le Val en Provence in June 2009.
winner of the Cybèle Prize in Visual Arts at the Saint-Eustache Culture Gala in October 2015.
Winner of the Christmas card contest and the invitation card for the small format exhibition
the AAAVT of Terrebonne in November 2015

          St-Eustache City Collections, Town of Deux Montagnes, City of Mirabel, Caisse Populaire
Desjardins, Laurentian Bank, Quebec, New Brunswick, Canada, United States
and in France.